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Caligen is a leading and global manufacturer of polyurethane foams for the automotive industry. We offer world-class foams that meet the most strict requirements of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for interior finishing, but also for developed automotive products. By choosing Caligen as your reliable partner, worldwide foam deliveries are always provided to factories in time for further processing.

Automotive foam applications

The foam products of Caligen are applicable in many areas in the automotive industry. For example, our polyurethane foams are used for roof liners, car seats or acoustic components. We can deliver our products in any shape and size.
For example, you can contact us for:

  • Rolled products
  • Block products
  • Punched parts
  • Sealing foams

Foam innovations in the automotive industry

Similar to the automotive industry, Caligen doesn’t stand still. In 2008 we started to change: we redefined our strategy to meet new, and sometimes difficult, challenges presented to us by our automotive clients. We redefined our strategy and because of this internal restructuring occurred.
Our innovation power enhanced dramatically, because we are not afraid to realize progress and always aim for improvement. We are now able to offer better support and numerous foam innovations to provide the best solutions. A nice example of this is the passive climate seat, in which we combine our reticulation knowledge with the requirements of car seats to achieve a very innovative solution. Do you want to know what Caligen can do for you in the area of automotive foam? Download the brochure or contact us directly. We gladly want to help you with all of your questions.