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Foam has our main focus at Caligen, but we never lose sight of the environment. As a Dutch company we meet the most strict environmental requirements in Europe. For the production of all our foams we only use raw materials that originate from reputable suppliers. In addition, the production process is arranged in such a way that our foams are produced based on these strict specifications.

Environmentally friendly innovations

To develop and produce more environmentally friendly products in the future, we constantly look for environmentally friendly innovations. We arrange this organization-wide and in cooperation with our customers. Our R&D department plays an important role in this. Take responsibility for the future and future generations, that is what Caligen stands for.

Separated waste streams

We find it important to carefully handle recovered raw materials. Therefore, we actively manage our raw material consumption. Furthermore, waste is reduced to a minimum at Caligen, partly by separating waste streams. These waste streams are valuable raw materials by itself for other industries.