Our Foam

Our Foam

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Polyurethane foam is made by combining a complex formulation of polyether or polyester polyols with water and isocyanates. We create the specific characteristics of our foams with additives and a specially prepared activator. The additives and activator control the chemical reaction and ensure that the foam will have the desired characteristics such as colour, flame retardancy, or resistance.

After forming and resting the foam is cut to size. After curing, it can be transported to our customers. However, in most cases it is enhanced by one or more post-production treatments which are carried out in-house.

Some foam blocks are sent to the reactor chamber, where reticulated foam is formed. In a highly secure environment, the foam is filled with hydrogen and oxygen. A single spark is sufficient to create a controlled explosion which blasts all the cell walls out of the foam. The resulting open structure makes reticulated foam particularly suitable as a base for filter material. At Caligen, we use it to make the precursors for a number of products, including high performance impregnated filters and ceramic filters for filtering cast iron. Our customers use our reticulated foam for applications ranging from air filters in cars and motocross bikes to comfort products and medical applications.