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At Caligen you can get polyester polyurethane foam, also abbreviated to polyester foam. This type of foam is, just like the first developed polyurethane foam, based on polyester raw materials. Many technical applications today require polyester polyurethane foams with unique properties. As a leading manufacturer we would like to develop these in consultation with you.

The advantages of polyester foam

By choosing polyester foam you will enjoy a number of important advantages:

  • The freedom of formulation
  • The intrinsic flame lamination properties
  • Excellent control of cell size

Custom-made polyester

Caligen deliver its foam products in various shapes, including blocks, plates and rolls. However, we can also supply custom-made polyester: we simply cut the foam in your desired shapes and sizes. Furthermore, other adjustments are also possible to give the polyester foam the desired properties. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of our polyester polyurethane foam? Contact us directly for more information.