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At Caligen we are committed to provide 100% flawless foam products to our customers at all times. We therefore strive for constant and continuous improvement. In order to achieve this goal, we have a clear improvement process, achieved with a bottom up approach. Staff training is central to this. Attention is also paid to the improvement of machines, methods, materials and static measuring tools. Do you want to know more about the way we ensure the high quality of our foam? Feel free to contact us

Material Information Sheet

Polyurethane foams are not considered to be hazardous products nor as mixtures of dangerous substances. They are identified as industrial polymers. According to EU Regulation 1907/2006EC (REACH) Polyurethane foams are defined as “articles”.

Please find the Material Information Data Sheet of Polyurethane flexible foam in the following link:


The European Community Regulation No 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemicals called “REACH” covers exclusively chemical components called substances and preparations which are used in the processing of final products or articles. The manufacturers of substances and preparations (i.e. our raw material suppliers) have pre-registered their products (subject to certain exemptions) until 1st December 2008. They then have between 2 and 10 years to fully register these substances or preparation, based on toxicity and tonnage.

The European Authority requires that the substances and preparations supplied by the Chemical Supplier have been evaluated for each phase of manufacturing, conversion, usage and disposal of their products to demonstrate no danger for the environment or human beings.

Polyurethane foam products themselves are classed as Articles and therefore do not require to be pre-registered or registered.

Please be assured that we are in close contact with our suppliers to maintain the continued supply and consistent quality of our products. We confirm that all raw materials we use for the manufacturing process our flexible PU foam grades have been pre registered by our suppliers.

Please find the complete REACH-decleration of Caligen in the link below: