Reticulated Foam

Reticulated Foam

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Reticulated foam inspires designers and engineers to produce innovations and new inventions time after time. However, the production of reticulated foam requires the right knowledge and expertise. At Caligen we combine the art of making foam with our advanced reticulation technique, which is quite unique in Europe!

The reticulation process

The reticulation process of foam always takes place in an extremely safe environment. Both blocks as rolls can be reticulated in our reactor chamber. In this chamber the foam is filled with hydrogen and oxygen. Then, only one spark is enough to cause a controlled explosion, causing the cell walls to blow out of the foam. This process creates an open structure, which makes the foam suitable as a base for filter material.

Applications of reticulated foam

The reticulated foam is used to produce the base material for different products at Caligen. This includes: high impregnated air filters, fine cell filters for car batteries in electric cars and for ceramic filters for metal casting. Our customers also use this material for the production of various products, such as: air filters in cars and cross motors, water filters, comfort products, and medical products.