Trade Marks

Trade Marks

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Lazy Foam®

Lazy Foam has become a well known brand in the mattress and pillow industry providing the comfort of low resilience viscoelastic foams and the peace of mind that no compromises have been made with respect to excellent durability and performance. Lazy Foam can be supplied throughout Europe in block form or shaped as per your requirements, simply by contacting your local VITA representative. 

Calipore Outdoor®

Calipore Outdoor is a unique product designed for your ultimate outdoor comfort experience. This reticulated polyurethane foam with its open cell structure allows the design of highly comfortble outdoor seating with unique quick dry properties and enhanced resistance to bacterial growth and fungi. For more information, in English, French and German, please visit our dedicated web site and click here: Calipore Outdoor


The new generation Low Emission Polyether foams. The full range includes flame retardant grades, flame laminatable grades, reticulated grades and bio-based grades, developed to meet the automotive industries strictest standards concerning emission of volatiles and ageing properties like those prescribed by Mercedes in their DBL 5450 standard for automotive interior foams.


With the invention of Novada foams at the end of the 20th century, Caligen Europe managed to introduce a completely new product range. Today Novada plays an important roll in the freedom of design for modern car seats world wide. Novada is exported all over Europe, Northern Africa, Central America and the Far East.


Novapore is a very fine reticulated foam grade. Applications include air filtration, dust masks and medical equipment.
Buyers choose for these brands to reassure they use quality materials.

Calipore Comfort®

With its coarse structure and completely open cells, Calipore Comfort is the ideal solution for air and moisture circulation in high performance comfort applications like mattresses. Calipore Comfort offers a unique freshening comfort experience and enhances durability.


Besides the extensive range of Calipore grades in raw block form, covering the full spectrum of reticulated foams ranging from 5 to 110 PPI, Caligen Europe offers the possibility to supply reticulated foams in rolls.


Q-SEAL has been developped to replace EPDM foams in automotive sealing applications in close co-operation with a leading OEM. The extremely fine cell structure and hydrophobic nature makes Q-Seal the material of choice for HVAC sealing applications. The unique cell structure yields a very attractive accoustic performance which enhances absorbtion at lower frequencies than classic PU foams.