What do we make?

What do we make?

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Caligen produces high quality polyurethane foam, both polyether and polyester. We have already had the necessary knowledge for this since 1965. We have our own Research & Development (R&D) department which, in addition to production, enables us to continuously work on the development of foam products.

Innovative foam solutions

Our R&D department provides power to innovate and therefore enables us to be ahead of development of new foam types. With our innovative ability we can meet the increasing demand for specialties from the market. We are always looking for foam with special features with the help of our customers.
The R&D department of Caligen also creates innovative foam solutions that contribute to cost saving, which meet the increasingly strict European requirements in relation to the environment. We want to take responsibility for the future of our environment with our customers and future generations.

Unique quality foam

The market demands a reliable, unique quality foam – that is what we deliver! We are capable to produce large volumes foam with strict tolerances. Therefore we are the main supplier for most companies. We deliver throughout Europe, but also in North America, South America and Asia. All of our foam is manufactured according to strict specifications. In addition, we only work with raw materials from reputable suppliers. In this way the quality of our foam is completely ensured. Buyers choose our trademarks, Lazy Foam®, Novacomfort®, Calipore®, Calipore Comfort®, Calipore Outdoor®, Lo-M®, Q-Seal®, Novada® and Novapore®, for one reason: they are sure about the quality they buy